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Hello It’s Adelyn!

Here’s the thing that I really want to share to all of you guys things that I’ve really into this month.

Something that I always listen, wait in every week, or watch.

So please keep on reading guys!

Block B – A  Few Years Later

I love the melody, the beat, and also their voices in this song. Because they showed something different, not like the Block B song on Very Good or Jackpot. You need to check this song guys! Not because it’s kpop, but because how their represent their song.


source : asianwiki

 I falling in love with this drama, it felt like you watch a CSI movie every week. The story line is really good, even the actors and actress did their job really well. Their acting was good to bring out their character but also didn’t disturb my focus on the story line. I watched  this drama again and again, but the thrill was still there. This drama is too good guys.

You must check this drama guys if you’re not into some kind of love genre.



Seriously guys, this comic really contain a good information about losing weight in A RIGHT WAY not AN INSTANT WAY. The story line, it felt like my old story when I tried to diet to lose some weight try this and that and finally I had a mindset to become healthy not to lose some weight or become pretty.

I think this comic also help everyone that really want to become healthy is not afraid to come to gym and lift some weight. There are so many things that you can learn from this comic.

I read this comic from SPOTTON.

What’s your current addiction guys ? Please share with me on the comment below.

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