Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux Anti-Fatique Moisturizing Eye Cream

Hello guys! It’s Adelyn!

Today I’m so excited guys  to review this product, because it takes a long time to know the result.

Here’s Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux Anti-Fatique Moisturizing Eye Cream

If you want to know things that happen to me, please keep on reading this post guys!


I’m so envy to everyone that don’t have an under eye fine lines, because my biggest problem when I want to cover my dark circle using a concealer is get creasing. I’ve already done so many trick to prevent my under eye concealer get creasing but NAH! It doesn’t work on me.

Another thing I just found around end of January, my under eye fine lines was a genetic because my brothers also have it and that was something I can’t be help but to live with it, right?

I thought, well why don’t try to reduce my fine lines ?

Is it okay for someone in early twenty to use an eye cream ? Well i think you don’t know what’s going to happen if you don’t try it.





Contour des Yeux Prodigieux Anti-Fatique Moisturizing Eye Cream


Rp 355.000

Where I bought:

My first impression of this product was so small. I’m kinda expect that the packaging would be small but not as small as I think. Since it’s my first eye cream, I can’t compare it to the other brand.



I love their packaging that comes with a pump, so I could control the amount that i would use. The texture isn’t thick at all like moisturizer cream but still moisturize my under eye.


When I applied it to my under eye, it gave kinda cooling sensation. Which is I LOVE IT !! makes me feel so fresh. Usually I used it around half pump and it was enough for both of my under eyes, but i do not know for eye cream to have kind of scent. It isn’t smell like chemical stuff that I used to smell on laboratory but they do have smell.

Please tell me guys, is it good  for an eye cream for having smell ?



I used this product from early march till 21st March, and this is the result. I’m not sure if you could see the difference, but in real life I see a difference. From my fine lines become better and it’s so easy to apply concealer.


Nowadays, I still use the eye cream but they’re not the one that give a biggest change. If you see my instagram, my fine lines were back, they are back!!!

Foto kiriman Adelyn Hsn (@adelynhsn) pada Mei 3, 2016 pada 4:23 PDT



It’s my lifestyle the one that gives a change, because at that time I used to sleep for 6-8 hours and drink a bunch of waters. For now I have a mess sleep hours, sometimes I don’t sleep at all or just a couple of hours.

Nuxe Contour des Yeux Prodigieux Anti-Fatique Moisturizing Eye Cream is such a great product and also don’t forget to stay hydrate and get an enough sleep.

Overall rating:


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  1. Sitha

    May 8, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    It is actually suggested to use eye cream on your early 20’s, katanya sih untuk mencegah penuaan dini di area sekitar mata. aku sendiri kalo lagi rajin ikutan pake eye cream punya mama ku, sekarang lagi nyoba eye cream viva juga, tapi karena kantong mata ku nggak parah, dan make eye cream nya juga jarang, jadi nggak keliatan bedanya (^_^”)

    Wajar aja sih kalo skin care semacam eye cream ada wangi-wanginya asal ga berlebihan aja.. Kamu udah coba teknik baking belom? Aku suka banget baking area t-zone sama undereye aku, dan it works really well on preventing any creasing around those areas 🙂

    Sitha |

    1. adelynhsn

      May 8, 2016 at 8:18 pm

      Woaaaah aku baru tau kal sebaiknya pake eye cream sejak dini. hehe. I do love baking, cuma ngerasa terlalu kering di under eye kalo baking. Trus fine lines nya malah makin jelas walaupun ga creasing. Baking cuma jadi pilihan buat acara-acara penting deeeh…

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