Maybelline The Blushed Nudes

Hello! It’s Adelyn

Finally I have a chance to review an eyeshadow palette from Maybelline.

I don’t know why, but I decided to choose the blushed nudes instead the nudes one.

Since I’ve already read a review from other beauty bloggers, I don’t have a high expectation with this palette. Some beauty blogger said that the pigmentation not so good and chalky, but others said the pigmentation actually better than the nudes. What do you think guys ?

Brand : Maybelline

Product : The Blushed Nudes

Price : Rp 189.000 to 151.000


The things that I like from this eyeshadow palette is their color. It’s the type of color that I still don’t have yet.That’s why I conviced myself to try it.

Honestly my first impression isn’t really good,the first time I swatched it the colors didn’t come out really well. Just like what I’ve been read before from other beauty blogger. For the application it’s much better to use your finger so the color show up a little bit than use shadow brushes.

But if you’re still beginner and want to have eyeshadow palette for practice, this palette is good for a starter.

The applicator from the package quiet good and I like to used it as a concealer brush.


Here’s the closer look :


I felt a little bit confused when the first time I read a review about this paletta, and it comes to my conclusion that Maybelline the blushed nude for Asia region a little bit different from Europe or USA.

source: fluffycottonpads

Did you see the difference ?? I don’t know why but i think the one that from China manufactures is a little bit different.



Even though I can’t tell the difference from number 1 till 3 from my swatches, my favorite is number 3. When I applied it as a base on my eyelid it turns out really pretty, it had kind of glittery effect but not too much to use for daily makeup. Which is a good point for someone who want to achieve no makeup makeup look.

There’s something happen to me but this may not happen to everybody. After I played with this palette and tried to recreate some makeup look. Suddenly my eyes became very sensitive, it’s very itchy, watery, and swollen. That’s the reason, I didn’t reach this palette for my daily routine.

What do you think about this palette ?

Overall rating:


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